Setting an Intention for the New Year


Do you believe in making new year's resolutions? 

I personally tend to look back and reflect on the past whenever I am on holiday and not necessarily with a new year around the corner. When I am out of my comfort zone and far away from my routines and habits and more important, when I have the time, I find it easier to reflect, adjust and make new plans. But that might just be me :).

I do love the idea of setting an intention for the new year. One word that can help you whenever you might need it. Something that needs a little more focus in your life at this moment in time. A little reminder throughout the year to ask yourself what you are doing to align with the intention you have set. 

To do this simply come up with three words that resonate with your hearts desires. You can either take all three of them into the new year or just choose one that stands out. Remember to also express gratitude for what ís. 

My intention for 2019 is TRUST. I could do with a little more trust that everything is going to be okay. No, let me rephrase that; that everything ís already okay as it is. 

If you want to, you can also visualize on these intentions, making them 'sit' with you even more. Set your timer for 5 minutes and find a comfortable seating position. Just close your eyes and let your breath flow naturally. Then focus on your word (or words) and try to imagine what it feels like, what it smells like. You may even imagine a situation in which you are fully aligned with your intention. Stay here and let your imagination do the rest. 

You can practice this little visualisation exercise anytime. It only takes five minutes of your time and it's power is unmeasurable!


intention setting