"In order to master changes, we have to recover slowness, reflection and togetherness" - prof. Guttorm Floistad

Slow Escapes offers you the opportunity to reset your body and mind through an authentic and mindful experience away from home. Our workshops and gatherings focus on slowing down and experiencing new things together with a small group of people. We create space for thoughtful and vulnerable conversations.

Slow Escapes promotes mental well-being. We believe that in modern day fast-paced society, there is a need for experiences where you can take a step back and just be. With as result renewed energy, better focus and the ability to move forward again with clarity.

We combine mindfulness, curiosity, learning and creativity - and also some fun and adventure, as tools for transformation.

Life is a continuous journey of 'forgetting' and 'remembering'. When we slow down, we tend to remember.

With every workshop, gathering or retreat, it is our goal to give you tools to help deal with everyday stress and give you insights on how to gently channel a calmer mind.

The shared activities are tailor made and different in every workshop, retreat or gathering, depending on our surroundings and the focus of interest. This is the experience based part of our offerings. On our multiple day retreats we work together with local tastemakers, entrepreneurs and creatives to get the most authentic experience of the surroundings we are in. There will be a mix of shared activities and also time to be alone, to be quiet and reflect. Our retreats will leave you more balanced and having a better understanding of yourself. Gather with us to have a magical experience in inspiring surroundings and you will, for sure, bring back home special memories and chances are….new friendships!

Our activities are open to people of all interests and from all walks of life - women and men (and everything in between). We never require any experience in a certain field (unless mentioned otherwise). Our aim is not for you to learn a new skill, but rather to experience something - possibly even in a new way. We believe this action without purpose will eventually lead to change within. Our retreats are fully catered, the only thing you have to do is arrange the transport to the retreat location and show up. We will take care of the rest!

My story
So, a little about me then. Besides being a mother of three, I am an Amsterdam based certified mindfulness trainer. My professional work life has been mainly within the travel and creative industry. I am on a mission to promote mental well-being through slowing down, because I think it makes us healthier, happier, autonomous and make more conscious decisions in life. Tools as mindfulness, creative expression and everything good life has to offer are my main game! But of course, there’s also a bigger story.

Years ago my life took an unexpected turn. My then partner and love of my life, started showing signs of severe depression. After years of struggling to keep our little family, with three young children, together, things climaxed. His illness got worse and I had to make life changing decisions for the sake of my own and my children’s well-being and safety. They say that there are certain events in your life that have so much impact that they fundamentally change who you are as a human being. I broke down completely. It took me quite a while to recover, get back on my feet and start a new life for me and my children, without the support of a partner, or a father to play a role in the upbringing of our children.

I have juggled, like every parent, balancing work, a household with children and a personal life. I would lie if I said it has been easy. I do however pride myself for the learning journey I am permitting myself to take. I have consciously and continuously chosen to practice living consciously and mindfully. In my opinion one of the keys to a meaningful life, that not only we benefit from but our loved-ones, children, friends and colleagues too!

Yoga teacher trainings, studying Eastern philosophies and my Mindfulness MBSR training have been a great part of that journey. Equally important has it been to pursue my creative passions like photography writing and painting. It has helped me find and recognize the importance of more moments of creative flow and inner stillness.

My mission is to connect with people from different walks of life and to facilitate an environment in which we can slow down together and be curious and explorative and have those thoughtful conversations. My training and my life experiences has offered me a backpack of tools that have empowered me to navigate through life with greater awareness and equanimity. But it is my belief that we can all inspire one another.

Slow Escapes is really where all the dots connect. With roots in the Caribbean, Ireland and Asia and having lived and worked abroad, one of my greatest passions is traveling and connecting with people from all over the world. My pursuit for experiencing new things, combined with my passion for seeking calm, esthetic off-the-beaten-track destinations and accommodations, ART, learning about and enjoying good, healthy and honest food and my background in yoga and mindfulness, will provide for the tools needed to make our retreats and workshops a mindful and magical experience.

Our programs will make you feel nourished and inspired and you will bring back home practical tips and tools to create a life that is driven by intention. 

Image credits: Elina Nova Photography