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9 february 2020 - one day retreat - from € 99,-

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Being in Flow is a wonderful state of mind where you are completely immersed in an activity. However, with today's world becoming more complex and filled with distractions, being in a state of flow can be hard to accomplish and as a result, our brains turn into little factories operating on automatic pilot most of the time, and creativity, in it's largest sense, can easily get stumped.

Cultivating a flow state of mind can help solve challenges in your everyday personal and professional life. Studies show that people in flow are more positive, concentrated, creative and feel better about themselves.

We will use meditation and creative expressions as tools to learn the Art of Flow. Let’s gather and indulge in a day full of experiencing silence, gathering and creating. It will be a calming and playful day - with no other goal than to cultivate presence and flow!

Creative retreat

Let's get rid of the clutter in our heads and find those rare moments of pure clarity. Let's get out of our heads and into our bodies, letting go of achievement and control and being fully content with whatever arises. We will practice ‘being’ and cultivate a curious and present mind. What happens when we start creating from there..?

This day retreat is designed to nourish parts within you that you may have been neglecting. The impact of a one-day retreat can be significant because it can work as an accelerator. You are surrounded by like-minded people and you are going to be cultivating a 'being' mode which can leave you invigorated and re-energized. Yes, even after only a few hours. Also a small step in allowing yourself to relax and 'be' can be just the motivation you need to allow for bigger changes in your life to happen and dreams to manifest.

We've got you covered throughout the day with a delicious and healthy vegetarian lunch, snacks and drinks.


11: Warm Welcome

11.30 - 13 hrs: Session 1

We'll start off the day with a mindfulness session with some theoretic background info and a meditation exercise. The practice of mindfulness is known to increase the ability to switch perspectives, to help solve insight problems, and it enhances divergent thinking - key for any creative process.

13 - 14 hrs: Gather and eat.  

14 - 16 hrs: Session 2

In the afternoon’s workshop we’re going to try to remove some of the expectations that come with creative expression, and build a creative flow. We’ll be practicing with materials that we don’t have much control over: water, ink and watercolors. It's important to know we won't be 'learning a new skill'. We will rather be 'experiencing' and observing our state of being, while expressing our creativity. 


Sunday, 9 February 2020

From 11 am to 4 pm. 

For this day retreat our base will be Trashure Studio in Amsterdam, a home to a beautiful creative space and a Design Studio, run by Sacha and Sander.


  • Gedempt Hamerkanaal 135
  • 1021 KP Amsterdam


  • € 99,-     early bird ticket until 1 January 2020
  • € 95,-     per person if you bring a friend
  • € 120,-   regular price

(prices are including 21% vat)

This is an exclusive event to a limited number of 15 participants

Any questions at all; reach out to me at

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Date09 February 2020 Duration9 february 2020 - one day retreat Pricefrom € 99,-



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