Slow travel


‘Been there, done that’

Have you ever visited a city with in your smartphone a ‘must-see’ list of all the new coffee spots, concept stores, art exhibitions, cool restaurants and all thing that are going on and you just don’t want to miss? Chances are - you have, just like me.

However much I love to make these citytrips; I have also become aware that in the fast paced life I’m in, I also need a different kind of break. To come back home and feel recharged and inspired at the same time. The kind of holiday that you really don’t want to tick everything from the box, but just be in the moment, enjoying and experiencing the surroundings you’re in. Slow Travel is a state of mind that allows you to have an immersive experience of your surroundings and to gently slip into the pace of the culture you’re in.

Slow down, experience and Be

With an immersive experience I mean to really slow down and at the same time having your senses stirred. Tasting (and maybe even making!) the culinary traditions of a certain region, experiencing the beauty of it’s hidden gems and lesser known places, connecting with interesting local people, makers and entrepreneurs. Things that are not easily found in your typical travel guide.

Slow Escapes combines the art of Slow Travel in it’s gatherings and retreats where we want to combine soaking up all the good things in life such as art, food, creativity, nature with a bit of slowing down at the same time. Gathering with like-minded people from all over the world, experiencing new things together, possibly cultivating new skills and at the same time gaining a better understanding of yourself.  

Would you like to experience slow travel? Join us on our Slow and Mindful escape in Tuscany!